Something’s fishy about the matchmaking

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Jump to content. If wot decides your team is truly screwed anything you do will not influence the outcome. I’ve seen matches where our team has been 10 to 4 and because the ” random ” wot bullcrap we’ve lost.

Read world of tanks premium tank and for premium tanks is enjoyable to xvm, find a woman in wot Wot matchmaking broken in gameplay: it, the t8 is done.

Forgot your password? By Bavor , February 14 in Request a mod. One of them use to be in the modpack. Is it possible to use them when you are using XVM for its other features? If so can it be added to the modpack. I tried adding one I found mentioned on the forums manually after I installed the modpack with no XVM player panel options and it made both player panels show up on the left side after it was installed.

That’s why I don’t have them in modpack. Not much choice, it’s either you are using XVM for that are are ok for potential threat from that mods. That’s unfortunate. I was tired of being focused by arty for the entire battle, so I tried the anonymizer. Now I don’t know if the teammates around to me has the skills of a bot or if they can actually shoot the red tanks.

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By bbertuss , November 27, in General Discussion. Look at this!! This happens so often, if you guys want to improve the game then do something about these unbalanced MM. It is not possible to win every game one after antother or lose every gamne one after another. Then he should take a look at the number of games the WR is based on and how meaningful such a WR is That’s funny

The reason for this “rant” is that im tired AF of being focused in the most ridiculous positions by players in arty that have XVM installed and see that i am usually.

Hat tip to Z , as is often the case. Any patent attorneys out there? I am not going to overanalyze this patent — they pay people to do that. My initial reactions include being annoyed as usual at software patents on obvious processes. The matchmaker does a lot of obvious things. What does any of this have to do with XVM? It gives you a suggested chance to win, along with the win rate for each player. My thinking is the narrative probably went something like this — XVM comes out, created by dedicated fans.

Questions are raised about skill based matchmaking. The big guy, Victor Kislyi head of Wargaming, makes the decision to investigate the idea which probably resulted in the patent application and eventual approval.

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Also, I can almost tell before a ranked match starts who is going to win. Especially with CVs. I have used it to call out priority targets.

The matchmaking system will NEVER be fixed unless WOT balances the battles by XVM or their own SERVICE RECORD. Sometimes all it.

I don’t really know why WG won’t ban XVM as all of the useful features now are implemented into the game. The statistics don’t add anything useful to the gameplay, if anything they deter it. The reason for this “rant” is that im tired AF of being focused in the most ridiculous positions by players in arty that have XVM installed and see that i am usually the best player on the team. They take the worst shots possible just to try and kill.

How hard for WG would it be to not share the enemy players names to everyone? I know this removes an aspect of the PVP aspect, it might be more like fighting against bots, since you can’t say hi, nor see names. Usually they throw away t10 tanks for trying to kill t8’s and such, XVM makes them play badly in a way; something they wouldn’t do in general. Alternatively i would like to have the possibility of setting a value for myself over at XVM’s website, since i can’t be bothered to make a new account and play bad on purpose.

I’f XVM implemented a way of having a set value for a player, that would be nice. Sorry for this turning out so unstructured, but i just had to get some frustration out of the system. As I’m fed up being griefed. I don’t see anything wrong with it, to be honest. In any team game you want to obstruct the best players as much as possible.

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Updated WordPress Ping List ! Experienced in proxy services delivering lower ping How to ping a Minecraft server to check the latency between you and the server. Connect providers with the nation’s largest network of Admission, Discharge, Transfer data to improve patient healthcare while reducing administrative costs. Join the plugin-repo channel in Discord! BetterFps is created by Guichaguri that is still WIP, so new things will be added and changed over the next versions.

jak wykorzystać MM na swoją korzyść · jak działa MatchMaker? jak grać: · jak grać artylerią · S SPG VI tieru · serwer chiński · informacje o serwerze · Type

A: We are working as hard as possible on the HD maps at the moment. A lot of the maps are in the final stage, where the map developers are working on finalising the maps and stabilising the codes. Some of them are still in the process. Of course, when we release the HD maps, we will try to release as many maps as possible but we want to keep the quality of the map as high as possible. We want to make sure we have enough maps before releasing them so it does not have a significant impact on the matchmaking.

A: Tessellation will mean every object in the game will be render in 3D, rather than in 2D, same for the sniper mode option. These settings will be for high end machines. Q: In the short time, we community contributors that are testing the sandbox conclude that Steppes north spawn needs some tweaking. Will the team consider changing it?

A: Thank you for the feedback. We will make the map developers aware of that and we will collect the heat map and the feedback from the players on the Sandbox test server to decide whether further tweak is needed. Honestly it is hard to just copy and paste the old maps and put them in the HD map rendering.


Wot anonymizer xvm. The feature doesn’t make you invisible, so the Administration may take action against players exhibiting unsportsmanlike behavior. In other news, I turned the Anonymizer off again, because XVM blocks you from seeing other people’s stats if you do. I’m going to also guess that more folks that want the stats will just turn the anonymizer off than dump XVM.

As Im thinking too the MG FT X FVb X Pz. matchmaking panther The upgraded Mods used xvm System specs FX, GTX, Want to play a whole In Email.

All the more or less advanced players in World of Tanks have long known such a cool integrated mod like XVM, which vastly extends the information content of the interface and capabilities in the game. However, many players had to use this modification literally because of several small favorite functions, alternatives to which in the form of other lighter and not computer-loading mods simply did not exist.

And it should be noted that XVM greatly reduces the performance of weak computers. One of the most beloved and sought-after features of XVM was the calculation of the percentage of probability of victory, thanks to a comparison of the sums of WN8 for teams. And finally, this opportunity became available separately, thanks to the work of the creators of the modifications. The rating is taken into account only for players who at the time of the battle have already played over a hundred fights.

Also, in the latest version of the modification, additional pre-installed configs were added and work was done to reduce the load on the computer, and statistics loading was fixed. The player has several options that differ in information content and visually, and if you want to customize yourself to your liking – in the folder are all the configs with easily understood points.

matchmaking ,xvm and the greed of WOT

This tournament occurs across one round, so make it count!. Please note : if you want to see statistics in XVM, you should activate this feature in your personal area. In the first website started and in the P-Stats Network was formed to provide the most detailed player statistics for various multiplayer games.

ping before matchmaking ping cs: go modding tool in foreign servers. level of frames per second and the full minimap from the XVM set.

Jump to content. Sometimes all it takes is the movement of a tank or two to the other team. Tier mix, tank mix, all of it means almost nothing if the battle chance to win by xvm mix is so lopsided that there is no hope. For example, here are the REAL approximate chances to win by the total xvm skill rating comparison:. I am speaking from my own experience. Guess what? I am down 70 net games over the last 3 weeks, and getting pretty pissed off. I have done fairly well personally over this time, but the losses keep piling up.

I lost all but 1, but kept playing to see just when the hell I was going to get a decent match.

Something’s fishy about the matchmaking

Jump to content. Generally, the more experienced a player is, the more he can take advantage of knowing the stats of both greens and reds. There might be stats shaming that dissuades people from the game including hopeless noobs and people who really want to improve. There would be more trolls complaining about matchmaking in the start of the game and more trolls who just give up if the matchmaking is not good for them.

As someone who really enjoys this game and has played so many battles, I personally would like to see a stats indicator in the game.

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